Episode 134, Vic’s Basement March 13

In a curse word-filled episode of Vic’s Basement, the team discuss some of the most important issues of the week, including:

Friday the 13th
Streaming EP Daily on Twitch
Liam Neeson’s Run All Night
Toy Break
Scott’s GDC 2015 on VR re: hair, pornography, Frankenstein, Sid Meier, love…
The new EP Daily Rundown
Neill Blomkamp and Chappie
Star Wars Rogue One
Vic drops his phone!
Uncharted 4 delayed, tight eyes
Frozen 2
GTA V heists
Titanfall 2 confirmed
Ori and the Blind Forrest
Crying in games?
What does the chat think of VR?
Where’s classic Metroid?
Apple Watch

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