Episode 141, Vic’s Basement May 1, 2015

The finest scholars of the future will look back on this Vic’s Basement discussion as the pinnacle of our civilization’s intellectual and artistic might! Topics include:

The Great EP Memorabilia Auction!

Please email bids with item numbers to bids@epn.tv

1V) Metal Gear Solid Binoculars
2V) Halo “Master Chief” Helmet
3V) Monster Hunter Egg and plush “Monster”
4V) South Park Stick of Truth Grand Wizard Cartman figure!
5V) Assassin’s Creed Unity’s Arno figurine
6M) Commander Sheppard POP Vinyl Figure
7M) Limited Edition RenderMan (Pixar) Walking Teapot
8M) Power Package
9M) Wargaming.net Bar Set
10M) Ouija Board
11S) Journey Scarf
12S) PS4 Launch Souvenir/Air Bud: Russell Madness Blu-ray
13S) Morini-branded Zippo Lighter
14S) Blue plaid flannel (show-worn)
15S) Star Wars Lunchbox


16U) Far Cry 4 Collector’s Edition for Xbox. Signed by the Ubisoft Team!
17M) Mighty Muggs Marvel Thor figure

Avengers: Age of Ultron
Douchebags at the movie theatre
Bane returns
Gameloading: Rise of the Indies
EP Daily: Civil War
Jurassic World
EP fashion week
Jared Leto as The Joker

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