Episode 143, Vic’s Basement – May 15, 2015

The most sophisticated cosmopolitans are all raving about Vic’s Basement! In our latest intellectual and learned offering, we discuss:
-The Kash for Kyle Charity Auction
-Playing games on airplanes
-The trend toward mobile gaming
-Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and breaking embargoes
-Mad Max: Fury Road
-George Miller and the Justice League
-Asa Butterfield as Spider-Man
-The Marvel Cinematic Universe and Jon Favreau
-Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl
-The valiant return of Steve Tilley and Raju Mudhar
-Star Wars: Rogue One and Diego Luna <3 -Konami moving towards mobile -E3 2015 -Question lightning round -What are we watching and playing this weekend?

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