Episode 154, Vic’s Basement – August 21, 2015

Today on Vic’s Basement, our wise sage Victor is joined by his squire Scott Jones to shed light on some of the most perplexing mysteries of the universe, including:

-Why Scott is not excited about things
-Fallout 4
-George Miller directing the next Superman movie
-Backwards compatibility
-Lack of AAA games
-Hitman: Agent 47
-Hitman gaming memories
-Pokkén Tournament coming to the Wii U
-Until Dawn
-Massive changes during a game’s development
-Star Trek 3
-How Scott reviews movies
-Turning games into movies and vice versa
-P.T. fan remake Allison Road
-Darth Vader PS4
-Grand Theft Auto franchise sales at 220 million
-What are we watching/playing this weekend?

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