Episode 160, Vic’s Basement – October 16, 2015

Not since mankind learned to walk upright has there been such an achievement as this, the latest episode of Vic’s Basement! Today, our erudite hosts Victor Lucas and Scott Jones discuss:

We love fall
Halloween costumes
Lego Dimensions
Lego in general
Fantastic Four happenings
X-Men happenings
Marvel cinematic universe happenings
Batman happenings
Star Wars happenings
Blake is always right
Scott just wants to play Bloodborne
Star Trek happenings
Jupiter’s red eye
Steve Jobs movie
Alien megastructures?
Tesla self-driving cars
The future!
The ravages of age
Nintendo rumours
Vic looks at his phone and ignores scott (phubbing)
Scott’s upcoming TED talk
Steam machines
What are we watching and playing this weekend?

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