Episode 162, Vic’s Basement – October 30, 2015

Gather round, if you dare, for we’re about to unmask one of the most sinister and diabolical creations in the annals of history, the latest episode of Vic’s Basement! In a very macabre Halloween-themed episode, our ghoulish hosts Vic, Marissa, and Scott carve up the following topics:

Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition unboxing!
Scott doesn’t understand collectors editions
Scott doesn’t like periscope
Marissa baked stuff
Scott’s Spooky Stories
Marissa’s Fallout Shelter addiction
Nintendo’s first mobile game miitomo
Sony’s Paris Games Week announcements
Detroit: Become Human, Quantic Dream, and David Cage
Virtual Reality
The PlayStation Vita is dead
Paranormal Activity is dead
Halo 5 is not dead
Bob Ross is dead
Alien 5 is dead
Questions from the chat!
Daylight Saving Time is stupid
What are we watching and playing this weekend?

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