Episode 201, Vic’s Basement – Jan 19, 2017 Switch Talk with HappyConsoleGamer

Victor Lucas is joined by HappyConsoleGamer’s Johnny Millennium and they discuss the hottest topic of January 2017—the Nintendo Switch and it’s imminent launch on March 3! Join the dynamic duo as they break down the Nintendo Switch presentation and share their joys and concerns over all of the announcements. Is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild a system seller!? Why do we want to buy and play Mario kart 8 again!? Why isn’t Super Mario Odyssey a launch title!? Is Splatoon 2 really worth getting excited about!? Why is EA just showing off FIFA for the console? What was up with Suda 51’s announcement!? What’s the deal with Arms!? And 1, 2 Switch…WTF!?!? Join in the conversation by posting your thoughts below!

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About the music in this video:

• Down for Whatever by Silent Partner
• Dub Hub by Jimmy Fontanez/Media Right Productions
• In Flight by Silent Partner

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