Episode 229 – TQ Jefferson talks Predator! Spider-Man! Deadpool! Black Lives Matter and more!

#Predator #TQJefferson #SpiderMan

Victor Lucas talks with VP of 20th Century Games,
TQ Jefferson about his long and amazing career in the videogame industry!

His list of credits is RIDICULOUS! So many Spider-Man games!

00:10 – Introduction to TQ Jefferson
01:13 – How Long at 20th Century Games?
02:00 – Predator Hunting Grounds and Arnold Schwarzenegger
06:30 – Use this game idea to make a new Predator movie?
08:33 – Looking Back (Spider-Man 2, Wolverine, Deadpool…) and Licensed Games
16:30 – Making Awesome Spider-Man game and working with Stan Lee
20:13 – What is it about TQ that helped him get to work on huge licenses?
26:15 – A Game He’s Most Proud Of?
29:45 – Working on Predator and Alien (A new AvP?!)
30:30 – Ever a Drag Seeing Behind The Curtain?
32:15 – Same Thrill To Create As It Is Being A Fan?
34:17 – What Did Your Parents Think Of Your Passion/Achieving Goals?
35:32 – Thoughts about George Floyd murder and BLM Protests?
37:38 – How Has The Videogame Industry Treated Black Creators?
39:55 – The Importance of Representation In Games?
43:27 – Black Panther Videogame? Who Else Needs a Game?
45:50 – What Are You Working On? (Avatar!)
47:13 – Wrap Up

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