Episode 21: Warren Spector’s Epic Interview

Welcome to one of the greatest episodes of Vic’s Basement, ever. We realize that this is hard to believe, but “The World’s Greatest Podcast” (that what Scott calls it anyway) just leveled up. We have an exclusive interview with one of the gaming world’s most vaunted developers: Warren Spector. This is the man who worked on legendary games like System Shock (the spiritual precursor to BioShock) and Deus Ex. Warren, of course, is busy putting the final touches on his latest creation, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, but he found time to chat with Vic and Scott. Naturally, they ask him only the pithiest of questions, including queries about his ongoing Disney/Mickey Mouse obsession (he holds a special pass that gets him into any Disney theme park in the world) and his magnificent beard. (Well, his former beard. It seems Warren has shaved it since the last time we saw him. What a shame. A perfectly good beard down the drain.) Here’s the deal: 1. you listen; 2. you get smarter. It’s really that simple.

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