Episode 22: Butt-kickin’ for Goodness!

This week, Scott and Vic once again welcome a celebrity guest into their dank bunker. Yes, it’s none other than Dr. Greg Zeschuk, who represents 50-percent of the legendary “BioWare Doctors.” Greg, along with his partner Ray Muzyka, made some of the greatest games this industry has ever known including the Baldur’s Gate series, the Neverwinter Nights series, the Dragon Age series, and, of course, the Mass Effect series. Both men recently retired from game-making to pursue other interests. So who, exactly, decides to stop making games? And what, exactly, does Greg plan to do that is better/more fun than making videogames? Both questions—as well as a great many others—will be answered on today’s extremely beery episode of The Basement. P.S. Dr. Greg loves beer SO MUCH.

EXPLICIT WARNING REMINDER: Just a quick reminder that this podcast is a place where Vic, Scott, and Guests may let loose a bit more than the TV show. There may be explicit language during any or all podcast episodes.

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