Episode 23: Nobody Defeats Black Tusk

Two words that best describe this week’s show: “big” and “news.” Vic and Scott get a visit from Mike Crump who is the studio manager for the just-opened Microsoft-owned Black Tusk Studios. After all the studio closures and downsizings in Vancouver, this is some terrific news. Mike is a tall, thin, mild-mannered man who seems to enjoy wearing relaxed-fit chinos. He delivers his good news—ahem, great news—then sticks around to shoot the s*** with Vic and Scott. Crump can’t talk about what Black Tusk is working on yet, so Vic and Scott—well, mostly Scott—do their darnedest to browbeat it out of him. (Note: Crump never cracks.) Scott speculates that it might be some kind of Dance Central-type game starring Halo’s virtual strumpet, Cortana. Old Crumpers swears that’s not what they’re working on, but Scott still isn’t buying it. Listen and learn, folks.

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