Episode 34: The Oscars and Binge Gaming

Today on The Basement: Vic returns from New York and Scott thanks him for the postcard (which only just arrived today—THANKS FOR NOTHING, VIC). Scott and Vic discuss the Oscars, including the fact that their favorite movie of the year, Looper, WAS NOT NOMINATED FOR ONE DAMN THING. NOT ONE. WHICH IS A HUGE OVERSIGHT ON THE ACADEMY’S PART. Ahem. Sorry. Then Vic spends an inordinate amount of time explaining his dislike for Ben Affleck—which is the only thing that Vic has ever disliked, ever, pretty much. After this, the boys discuss something known as “The Binge.” It’s when you consume an entire game or an entire season of a TV in one or two sittings. Why do we do this? Are we so entertainment-starved and weak-willed that we can’t tear ourselves away, even from the most mediocre of entertainments? Vic and Scott offer and answer—sort of—on The Basement.

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