Episode 35: Gaming Marchvalanche!!

Today on The Basement: Vic and Scott discuss the Marchvalanche of games. Or, as Vic calls it, Marvember. (Since Revengeance, the boys have been more disposed to portmanteaus than they used to be. Also: “portmanteau” is the word of the day.) Vic and Scott offer their pro tips for surviving the deluge of upcoming games. Also: Vic rants about SimCity while Scott dozes off. Then Vic and Scott get a surprise visit from Syd Bolton. He’s owner and curator of the PC Museum in Brantford, Ontario. He is also the world’s most serious collector of videogames. Seriously, it’s nuts what this guy has collected. Oh, and the museum has a Star Wars room. And one more “oh”: Syd is in a relationship with a living, breathing woman. Anyway, Syd’s an amazing guy, as you’ll discover when you listen to this week’s episode of The Basement.

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