Episode 36: Superfluousity and Super Hard End-Games

THIS WEEK IN THE BASEMENT: It’s true-confession time as Vic comes clean about the fact that he was unable to get past “The Trials of Archimedes” portion in God Of War: Ascension. Yes, Vic’s gaming skills were apparently not up to snuff when it comes to this controversial section of the game. Scott, on the other hand, HAD NO PROBLEM GETTING THROUGH IT WHATSOEVER. NONE. NOT EVEN A LITTLE. Ahem. Anyway, this is the jumping-off point for a conversation about difficulty in videogames, and how sometimes this can both help and hinder one’s enjoyment. Games that are invoked include Driver 2, Ninja Gaiden Black, and Devil May Cry 3, among others. Also, Vic and Scott discuss the viability of sequels, including God Of War, Gears Of War (lots of war this month), and BioShock: Infinite. Do we all need these damn things? And what’s the point of them, besides, you know, making some cold, hard cash? Vic and Scott offer an answer—sort of—on today’s show. Also: Scott makes it weird at the end.

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