Episode 40: Scott’s Year Walk and Talk to MacKenzie Gray

Today on The Basement: Scott confesses that he’s on a spirit quest/year walk to rediscover his love of videogames. Yes, it seems that after 10 years of reviewing every game ever created, Scott HAS HAD IT UP TO HERE WITH THIS B.S. The first stop on his magical rediscovery tour: 2005’s Ico. Then Vic and Scott get a surprise visitor in The Basement: It’s Man Of Steel star MacKenzie Gray. Gray is contractually forbidden to reveal what role he plays in the film—two guesses: it’s either Luther or Brainiac—but nonetheless Gray tells us what it was like to enjoy craft services with Henry “Supes” Cavill each day. Slight spoiler: Director Zack Snyder apparently loves to have makeshift football games on his set. It’s a revealing, fascinating talk on The Basement—but then again, aren’t they all?

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