Episode 46: Xbox One, Views: Two, E3

It’s war! (Yes, again!) Vic and Scott go toe-to-toe over the Xbox One unveiling, and pretty much everything else. Does the TV-centric “game” console do enough for gamers? Listen, and Vic and Scott, as usual, will give you two very different takes on things. Also, Vic and Scott answer some reader mail about—what else?—the new consoles. Vic talks about his recent Scott-free road-trip to L.A., where he got his hungry thumbs on all the games which will be unveiled at E3 next month. Finally, Scott brings something called “energy balls” for the dynamic duo to snack on. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll marvel—yes, marvel—at yet another terrific subterranean visit to The Basement. Don’t miss it.

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