Episode 47: Star Trek Spoilers, Summer Movies, and E3 Prep

Today on The Basement: Vic is in a good mood; Scott’s in a bad mood. So what else is new, right? In fact, we’re going to temporarily change the name of the podcast to “The Good Mood-Bad Mood Hour With Vic And Scott.” Anyway, moods aside, the boys discuss summer blockbusters, including Star Trek: Into Darkness (which Vic and Scott agreed wasn’t very good), Fast & The Furious 6 (which Vic liked; Scott disliked), and—what else?—Man Of Steel (Vic can’t wait; Scott…well, you know how he feels). They also discuss The Last Of Us in their weekly “What We’re Playing” segment. Finally, the basement-dwellers reveal how they prepare for E3. Hint: It involves new shoes and haircuts. The plane for Fantasy Island departs in 3, 2, 1…

SPOILER ALERT: Star Trek Spoilers are in this podcast.

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