Episode 48: The Basement Sizzles with Sessler

Vic and Scott get a surprise visit from long-time industry vet, Adam “The Artist Formerly Known As The Dude On X-Play” Sessler. Adam tolerates the stench of the basement, as well as Scott’s bad mood and Vic’s good cheer. What a pro, this guy is. No kidding, Adam weighs in on all sorts of subjects, not the least of which is next week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. You’ll enjoy plenty of highbrow and lowbrow banter in this week’s show. Even if you’re not a Sessler-ite, you’ll walk away from today’s show impressed by this man’s incredible brain power. And you can hear it all, come to life, in glorious 5-D (patent pending) right now. Just click the arrow thing-y over there. Go ahead. We’re waiting.

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