Episode 49: Vic and Scott’s E3 Adventures

Descend into Vic and Scott’s subterranean lair—IF YOU DARE!—to discuss all things E3 2013. Vic and Scott share memories from on, and off, the show floor. Vic travels to a top-secret panel, all by himself, to listen to three of the entertainment industry’s biggest luminaries. (Hint: Their names rhyme with “Peel-blerg,” “Mucus,” and “Hat-trick.”) Scott has his own adventures, and he meets another triple-A director. (His name rhymes with “Hay-blams.”) Scott and Vic weigh in with their favorite games, moments, highlights and lowlights from the week that was. Also, they argue over the artistic merits of “Borge Mucus.” As if anyone really needed another “Borge Mucus” argument. Sheesh, guys.

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