Episode 51, Ouya, Pre-Movies Ranting, and Listener Mail

Today on The Basement: Vic and Scott kick off Season 2 of the show with plenty of Ouya talk. Right now the Ouya is the biggest, little story in gaming. Vic and Scott weigh in with their thoughts on this future of the world’s tiniest console. Also: Scott unleashes his first expletive-filled Rant of the new season. His target: the endless stream of commercials that moviegoers are routinely subjected to before movies. Finally, Vic and Scott answer some listener mail, which causes Vic to wax nostalgic about previous hosts on EP. (No, it’s not you, Tommy. Sorry.) Treat your ears right, and start listening RIGHT NOW.

EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING: Vic’s Basement is a place where Vic and Scott are able to let loose uncensored. Be aware that there are episodes with explicit content. Unless you’re wearing headphones, it’s Not Safe For Work and you probably shouldn’t play it for your kids either.

You have been warned, now enjoy!

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