Episode 52, Mattrick Jumps, Lone Ranger Indulges, and Scott Moves

Vic and Scott discuss Microsoft exec Don Mattrick’s “dramattrick” jump from Xbox to Zynga. Then, once all the boring business-y talk is finished—yawnsville, man—Vic and Scott really lay into The Lone Ranger, a.k.a the longest, most indulgent movie of summer. After that, the boys wax poetic about their upcoming screening of Pacific Rim, which they’ll be seeing next week. Other points of business: General Zod DLC comes to Injustice ($4.99!); Liam Neeson gets $20 million for Taken 3; Scott moves to a new apartment; and, finally, Vic and Scott wish one another happy respective independence days. Hooray for independence, everyone!

EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING: Vic’s Basement is a place where Vic and Scott are able to let loose uncensored. Be aware that there are episodes with explicit content. Unless you’re wearing headphones, it’s Not Safe For Work and you probably shouldn’t play it for your kids either.

You have been warned, now enjoy!

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