Episode 53, Clyde the Radioactive Cat and Pacific Rim

Today on The Basement: Vic and Scott weigh in with their supplementary review of Pacific Rim. In short: Vic liked it, with some reservations; Scott didn’t like it at all. Scott: You’re so stupid sometimes. Also: the horrid Grown Ups 2 gets picked apart; Scott tells the story of how he miraculously hooked up his PC over the weekend; then the boys answer a Twitter question about GTA V. Finally, “Clyde the Radioactive Cat” makes an appearance. Really, what more could you ask for from a podcast?

EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING: Vic’s Basement is a place where Vic and Scott are able to let loose uncensored. Be aware that there are episodes with explicit content. Unless you’re wearing headphones, it’s Not Safe For Work and you probably shouldn’t play it for your kids either.

You have been warned, now enjoy!

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