Episode 54, Comic-Con, Pacific Rim, and Heather Doerksen

Vic and Scott exchange recipes for summer salads. Wait. That’s a different podcast, called “In Da Kitchen With Vic & Scott.” In this podcast, we talk about the sure sign that the apocalypse is nigh: Grown Ups 2 beats out Pacific Rim at the box office last weekend. Still, the boys have a special guest in The Basement (hint: it’s one of the stars of Pacific Rim, Heather Doerksen). You can actually hear Scott squirm when she confronts him on his review score for the film. Man, nothing beats the soothing sounds of audible squirming. Then, later in the show, Vic’s mom prepares a special summertime treat: corned beef. No kidding, she really does. The Lucas Family has always marched to the beat of a different drum. Your journey begins by clicking that little triangle shape down below…
Heather Doerksen

EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING: Vic’s Basement is a place where Vic and Scott are able to let loose uncensored. Be aware that there are episodes with explicit content. Unless you’re wearing headphones, it’s Not Safe For Work and you probably shouldn’t play it for your kids either.

You have been warned, now enjoy!

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