Episode 55, Comic-Con 2013 Experiences and Elysium’s Josh Blacker

Vic is back from Comic-Con with a whole bunch of cool things to tell Scott about. He ticks off a list of all the celebrities he met—Henry Cavill, Jeff Bridges, Eva Green, to name just a few—which Scott believes is Vic’s way of making him feel small and unimportant. (Vic assures him that it’s not.) Vic also recounts his experience as the moderator on the Batman: Arkham Origins panel, where he got to meet/talk to even more people who are much cooler than Scott. Then Vic and Scott discuss the Royal baby. (But for only about 10 seconds.) Then they get a visit from one of the stars of the upcoming sci-fi flick, Elysium: Josh Blacker. Click the little click-y thing over there and let the good times roll.

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