Episode 64, Adventures in Tokyo, Breaking Bad, and 3DS Fun

Vic and Scott are on the road again, this time in Tokyo, Japan (hey, what other Tokyo is there?). Now, while in Montreal two weeks back, they recorded the podcast in Scott’s hotel room; this time, they do the ‘cast in Vic’s room—room 853 at the Hotel Nikko in Odaibo. Full disclosure: when they recorded this week’s podcast, they were on day nine of a 10 day trip, so both Vic and Scott are more than a little bit punchy. The boys discuss the lack of Grand Theft Auto V in their lives (and how that lack will be addressed immediately upon their return home); the final days of Breaking Bad; and, finally, an obscure 3DS game that stars a robot turtle who inherits his uncle’s diamond mine. (Yes, the game really exists.) Finally, Scott offers travel tips for listeners, and most of these tips—not surprisingly—are centered around soaps and underwear. Yes, you’ll have to listen to the podcast for the full story. What are you still reading this for? Get listening!

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