Episode 65, Zelda Symphony Interview and more Tokyo, Breaking Bad, GTA V

After three weeks of travel, Vic and Scott are actually back in The Basement this week. And, as that wise old soul Dorothy once said, “There’s no place like home.” The boys take a moment to reflect on their recent globetrotting adventures before diving headfirst into the world of Los Santos. Yes, GTA V gets plenty of love on today’s show, as does the final episode of Breaking Bad. Vic loved it; Scott had some problems with it. (Scott has problems with everything. Jerk!) Finally, the boys talk The Legend of Zelda with Jason Michael Paul, who is currently producing the traveling symphonic roadshow titled The Legend Of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses. So, to re-cap: We’ve got GTA V, Breaking Bad, and Zelda in today’s show. What more could you people possibly want? Actually, don’t answer that. Just press the thing, and START LISTENING. We implore you.

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