Episode 66, SteamWorld Dig Questions ANSWERED, Gravity, and Machete Kills

This week, down in The Basement: The boys discover and excellent Nintendo 3DS game in the eShop titled Steamworld Dig (which they discussed in Tokyo a few weeks back). Well, thanks to the Internet, the game’s makers, Image & Form heard the ‘cast and reached out to us. So, all of your Steamworld Dig questions? ANSWERED ON TODAY’S SHOW. Scott and Vic also discuss the new films Gravity and Machete Kills. Then Scott tries to understand why everyone loves Sons Of Anarchy, because he really isn’t enjoying it very much at all. (Granted, he’s only three episodes in to Season 1.) Anyway, hell, click the thing already and let Vic and Scott’s melodic voices soothe your savage breast.

Warning: This Podcast May Contain NSFW (not safe for work) language.

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