Episode 67, NY Comic Con, Project Triforce Collectibles Interview

Scott is back from New York Comic Con, so, naturally, Vic has lots of questions, like, “Was Batman there? Was Hulk there? Was Poison Ivy there?” (Scott: “Yes. Yes. And yes.”) Scott also made new friends when he was in NYC: Drew and Rob from Project Triforce, makers of some of the finest videogame collectibles the world has ever seen (projecttriforce.com). Drew and Rob are guests on today’s podcast, and they are Skyping in, all the way from New York City. Also: Vic professes his love for Gene Kelly’s Singing In The Rain; Vic and Scott wax nostalgic over the TV Guide; Scott reveals the best place for pizza slices in all of New York City. In other words, this episode is bitchin’.

Warning: This Podcast May Contain NSFW (not safe for work) language.

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