Episode 77, Reflections on 2013, BioShock: Infinite, Top 100

Reflections on 2013, BioShock: Infinite, Top 100, and the Arrival of 2014

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Vic and Scott return to The Basement for the first episode of 2014. They discuss some of the ways that 2013 personally disappointed them, focusing specifically on their heartbreaks. Yes, 2013 was an off year for games, to put it mildly. And, yes, Aliens: Colonial Marines is mentioned for what will be the very last time on the show. (We hope.) Also: Ken Levine, if you’re out there, Vic and Scott tell you what you should have done to make BioShock: Infinite better. (And, in the future Ken, always come to us with your gaming problems! Our fees are extremely reasonable.) Finally, there’s some new console-related chatter, for the PS4 and Xbox One owners out there. Press the thing over there and start your 2014 off right.

And for a special fan of our show, thanks for asking such awesome questions this year. Congrats to Twitter Question Person of the Year 2013: @Mr_Precision

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