Episode 78, Articulations About CES, Being Who You Are, and Wasted Game Experiences

This week, down in The Basement: Vic and Scott are still rubbing the New Year’s dust out of their eyes. But they bolted several cups of coffee and managed to have not one but TWO passionate conversations this week. The first one deals with action figures. Yes, Scott puts Vic on the hot-seat about his love of action figures. Scott actually sounds fairly genuine in his quest to understand Vic’s affinity for all those little bits of plastic. And then Vic goes off on a rant, which is typically Scott’s domain. He’s got a bone to pick with in-app purchases and how they’re totally harpooning the game industry. It’s been years since Vic delivered a rant like this. And it’ll be more years before he delivers another one. Seriously, Vic’s rants are rarer than Too Human sequels. Enjoy.

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