Episode 79, Thief, Filth Magnets, and Scott is the Positive One

Vic and Scott take “Le Basement” on the road. Next stop: Montreal. Yes, this week’s episode was recorded in Vic’s hotel room in bone-chilling downtown Montreal. The boys discuss the latest game from Eidos Montreal: Thief, which is a reboot of the 1998 PC classic. Then, for the second week in a row, Vic spends lots of time grousing about the state of the industry while Scott tries to give him a pep talk. Yes, Vic and Scott seem to have reversed their roles here in 2014, with Vic providing the rain to Scott’s sunshine. Scott does, in fact, find something to grouse about. The bane of his existence is not poorly-made videogames; it’s the decorative pillow/filth magnet that Vic chooses to leave on his bed in his hotel room. Anyway, all of this will make sense, we promise, as soon as you click the thing over there.

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